The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US constitution, which granted women the right to vote in America. Championing women’s rights is fundamental to our identity and heritage at Cycles Gladiator. Our mission now is to empower and celebrate women, and each year we select and partner with organizations and initiatives that support these aims. This year, to honor the significant milestone of the suffrage centennial, we partnered with non-profit group, Do More Art (DMA), as a sponsor of their Walls for Women project.

Walls for Women is a public art initiative, dedicated to the creation of original murals by female artists, a group largely underrepresented in the world of street art. To celebrate the 100th year anniversary of women’s right to vote, in the summer of 2020, eight artists worked on murals in seven cities throughout the state of Tennessee. The state holds special, political significance to the American suffragette movement, as Tennessee was the final state to ratify the 19th Amendment, casting the deciding vote to pass that legislation into law.

woman strong pose with art mural written this girl can

“These Murals Now Live on as pieces of living history”

woman in overalls painting colorful wall

The mural locations included many places and communities that are typically overlooked for public art installations, in the towns of McMinnville, Tullahoma, Knoxville, Maryville, Nashville, Centerville and Nolensville. The artists were given complete creative freedom over their mural’s content. The imagery ranged from celebrations of family heritage to mythology to local landscapes & scenery, all unified under the broader theme of women empowerment. We are honored to be a sponsor of this inspirational endeavor that showcases exceptional female artistic talent. These murals now live on as piece of living history, celebrating the historic progress of women’s rights in America, while bringing awareness to all the work still yet to do.