This March, we took the pledge for the Your Hour, Her Power campaign from Dress for Success. Your Hour, Her Power is an annual campaign that calls on organizations and individuals to give just one hour of pay to help women achieve financial independence and upward mobility. These donations are used to fund Dress for Success’s programs and services, which focus on job search support, financial literacy education, and health and wellness for women.

Cycles Gladiator donated the equivalent of one hour’s wages for every employee within our parent company to these efforts. Beyond this contribution, in celebration of Women's History Month, we were proud to highlight some of the amazing women behind scenes here at Cycles Gladiator. From production to laboratory analysis to finance, these dedicated, accomplished women help keep the wine flowing! Check out their stories below.

Disenia Suazo. Disenia is a rock star on our production team! She started working at our winemaking facility in 2008, and with her thirteen years of experience and expertise, she’s a fundamental part of our winery operations. She began her career with us in Quality Control, and now is a Production Lead. Beyond ensuring that we produce the best wines possible, Disenia’s priorities are to take care of her team and make sure they’re staying safe at work – an essential component of our business during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the years, Disenia, in her words, has done “a little bit of everything”. From packing to labeling to operating forklifts, she enjoys taking on new challenges and continually learning different skills. Her sister, Flor, was the one who inspired her to get into the wine industry in the beginning. She referred her for an opening, and after that Disenia was hooked on the fast-paced world of wine. “I loved it and I stayed,” she says.

Carolyn Davis. Carolyn has worked for our parent company for over six years. Throughout her tenure her favorite part of her job has always been the people that she works with. “We distinctly have a lot of fun here,” she says. With a background in the film industry in LA, Carolyn is used to managing large, fast-paced productions with many moving pieces. “It’s a similar environment,” she says, comparing wine and film production, “organizing and working with a big crew. We’re working together to produce something high quality.” Her experience and her ability to nimbly solve problems and collaborate across departments has made her an integral leader in our company. In addition to her work responsibilities, Carolyn also organizes our company softball team. While the league has paused during the pandemic, she enjoys backpacking out in our northern California backyard, especially with some Cycles Gladiator cans for the treks!

Flor Suazo. Flor has worked at our facility for over a decade and she’s an essential part of the Quality Control and Winemaking teams. Years ago, when she started off as a temp worker on our production line, she never thought she would end up at a winery. She quickly fell in love with the wine industry though. After working in a range of productions roles, from Line Quality Control to Line Operator, an opening became available in laboratory operations. Flor decided to go after the new opportunity and has been there ever since! “I’ve been here for a long time, but it sometimes seems like I’ve just been here for a year,” she says. “That just shows how fun it is, and how much I enjoy working here.” She loves working and collaborating with her team members, who are driven everyday by the unified mission to get our wines into bottle.

While we could only highlight a few of our team’s stories for Women’s History Month 2021, we’re honored to work with so many fantastic women at Cycles Gladiator. They continually inspire us to strive for empowerment and equity for all women. We’re proud to have participated in the Your Hour, Her Power campaign from Dress to Success to help contribute to their crucial services and programs, which are needed now more than ever for women affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. To learn more about Dress for Success and their work, please check out the link below.