We’re excited and proud to participate in this year’s Your Hour, Her Power campaign from Dress for Success.

Women’s empowerment has been at core of Cycles Gladiator’s identity since the beginning. We’re named after the Gladiator Company, one of the first bicycle manufacturers to advertise bikes specifically for women in the 19th century. Bicycles helped provide freedom and autonomy for women in that era and were a critical part of the suffragette movement. To honor this history and progress women’s empowerment in our communities today, we are partnering with Dress for Success to raise funds for their programs that directly foster economic independence for their clients.

This year, throughout March for Women’s History Month, we’re taking the pledge with Dress for Success for the Your Hour, Her Power campaign. Cycles Gladiator will match your donations, up to $5,000 during the month of March. Join us in making this campaign a success!

Today, women are disproportionately affected by the economic crisis. With a loss of $800 billion in global revenue from women leaving the workforce as a result of the pandemic, it’s a critical time to support women and to help usher in socioeconomic change (source: Oxfam). Your donations will be used to fund Dress for Success’s programs and services, which focus on job search support, financial literacy education, and health and wellness for women.

We hope you will join us in spreading awareness and support of this crucial cause in your networks and via social media. And, if you can, please join us in making a donation to the Your Hour, Her Power campaign. Go to: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/dress-for-success/cycles-gladiator-x-dress-for-success-your-hour-her-power-3279bfc0-7071-4a45-abb9-b93baeabf70c